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Addicted to Dessert: 80 No Bake Recipes We Love

"Addicted to Dessert: 80 No-Bake Recipes We Love" is a cookbook that celebrates the joy of creating delicious desserts without the need for an oven. Packed with a variety of sweet treats, this collection offers a diverse range of recipes catering to different tastes and occasions.

From creamy cheesecakes and decadent chocolate delights to refreshing fruit-based desserts and creative no-bake cookies, this cookbook provides easy-to-follow instructions and enticing images to guide readers through each step of the process.

Whether you're a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned baker looking for hassle-free dessert ideas, "Addicted to Dessert: 80 No-Bake Recipes We Love" is designed to inspire and satisfy your cravings for delightful, oven-free sweets.