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17 Thoughtful Back to School Teacher Gifts Kids Can Make

Absolutely, here are 17 thoughtful back-to-school teacher gifts that kids can make:

1. Handmade Cards:

  • Let kids create personalized cards with heartfelt messages and drawings expressing gratitude.

2. Decorated Plant Pots with Plants:

  • Kids can paint and decorate plant pots and plant small succulents or flowers.

3. Customized Bookmarks:

  • Create bookmarks using colorful paper, stickers, and ribbon. Personalize with teacher's name or inspirational quotes.

4. DIY Pencil Holder:

  • Decorate a tin can or a mason jar with paint, washi tape, or stickers to create a unique pencil holder.

5. Homemade Playdough:

  • Make homemade playdough and package it in small jars with a note thanking the teacher for molding young minds.

6. Decorated Clipboard:

  • Personalize a clipboard with paint, stickers, or decoupage. This can be both practical and decorative for the teacher.

7. Hand-Decorated Tote Bags:

  • Allow kids to decorate tote bags using fabric markers, fabric paint, or stamps for the teacher’s books and supplies.

8. Customized Photo Frame:

  • Decorate a photo frame with buttons, beads, or paint. Include a class photo or leave it empty for the teacher to use.

9. Mason Jar Desk Organizer:

  • Decorate mason jars and organize them in a wooden tray for the teacher's desk supplies.

10. Scented Candles or Soaps:

  • Make homemade scented candles or soaps with guidance and supervision. Wrap them with a cute note.

11. Handcrafted Coasters:

  • Create coasters using cork, felt, or ceramic tiles, decorated with drawings or colorful patterns.

12. Personalized Keychains:

  • Craft keychains using beads, charms, or shrink plastic with the teacher’s initials or a thank-you message.

13. Recipe in a Jar:

  • Layer ingredients of a favorite cookie or cake recipe in a jar. Attach a note with instructions and appreciation.

14. Decorated Notebooks or Journals:

  • Let kids decorate notebooks or journals with drawings, stickers, or inspirational quotes.

15. Homemade Granola or Trail Mix:

  • Make homemade granola or trail mix, package it nicely, and include a label thanking the teacher for guiding the “mix” of skills.

16. Painted Rocks:

  • Decorate smooth rocks with paint or markers. These can be used as paperweights or desk decorations.

17. Memory Jar:

  • Have each student write a favorite memory or a thank-you note on a piece of paper and put them in a decorated jar for the teacher to read and cherish.

Encourage children to put their personal touch on these gifts to make them truly special and meaningful for their teacher!