Get Creative: 25 Super Fun Sharpie Art Crafts for Kids

If you're looking for a enjoyable and affordable way to permit your kids artistic expression, these Sharpie artwork crafts for kids are for you! Sharpies are higher than common markers thanks to their ink flow, and since they're everlasting markers, you can use them in lots of extra ways.

It used to be that Sharpies solely got here in basic colours such as red, green, blue, and black, however now there are round sixty eight different beautiful colors to decide on from! There are so many amazing issues you can create with Sharpies from the consolation of your personal home, and we’re excited to share our favourite Sharpie artwork crafts for kids below.

8 Sharpie Art Crafts for Kids in Preschool

Get prepared to have a blast creating all sorts of Sharpie artwork crafts for kids in preschool. They are going to have a nice time—and you'll too! A phrase to the wise—keep a shut eye in your little one whereas they use Sharpies. As you can imagine, the marker can discover yourself in locations it shouldn’t be with out grownup supervision—and they're notoriously hard to get out, too.

Sharpie Art Coasters | Paging Fun Mums
Your preschoolers can go wild making these amazing coasters. Each set can be completely different and stylish. All you want are some white ceramic tiles, rubbing alcohol, clear finish spray, and, of course, some Sharpie pens.

Leaf Decorating | Craft Whack
This project is artwork and an journey all rolled into one. First, you and your preschooler can exit collecting leaves, after which go home and decorate them together!

Sharpie Planter | Brepurposed
You don’t have to have a lot of artistic expertise to enjoy portray these Sharpie planters. Your child will have the liberty to make all sorts of gorgeous designs and patterns. This is one of my favourite Sharpie artwork crafts for kids since it gives children an alternative to actually express themselves.

DIY Sharpie Butterflies | Kids Activities
You could make these fantastic DIY Sharpie butterflies with espresso filters! How wonderful is that? There are endless color combinations and patterns you and your kids can create with this project as well.

Melted Bottle Jewelry | Picklebums
Your child will be intrigued by the science behind these mettled bottle jewellery necklaces. Plus, your kiddo goes to like wearing their new jewellery and showing it off to others.

Shower Curtain Village Play Mat | Filth Wizardry
Not solely will this project be an excellent way for your kids to alleviate stress, however it additionally creates a enjoyable playmat the place they can let their creativeness go wild and spend hours upon hours playing.

Hand Drawn Gift Wrap | Mini Eco
Who wouldn’t like to obtain a present that's wrapped in homemade paper? You simply want some brown craft paper and Sharpie markers for this idea. Use it for the subsequent vacation or birthday celebration in your calendar.

Watercolor Pillows | Brit + Co
These decorated watercolor pillows are one other one of my favourite Sharpie artwork crafts for kids because they can save them for a lengthy time. You can assist your child pick out the proper colours to make sure it fits in with their room decor, and these make a nice keepsake.

8 Sharpie Art Crafts for Kids in Kindergarten

Whether you are making crafts with your personal kids or you're a kindergarten teacher, these ideas are wonderful! Snag these craft provides and get busy making artwork with the little ones in your life.

Sharpie Rock | Creative In Chicago
Rocks are always enjoyable to decorate, no matter how old you get. Kindergarteners are sufficiently old that they can work carefully on their rocks to practice their fine motor skills.

Tie-Dye Bookmarks | Happy Hooligans
Kindergarteners are fascinated with books, and these DIY bookmarks will make studying a lot extra fun!

Stained Glass Heart Suncatcher | Adventure In A Box
These are stunning stained glass coronary heart suncatchers. All you want to make this enjoyable project is black glue (which you make from Elmer’s Glue and black paint), clear plastic, Sharpie markers, and the template from the weblog post. So easy and fun!

Stained Glass Jar | Happy Hooligans
Your kindergartener will love making this stained glass jar project. They can use it to carry their markers, as a vase, or wrap it up as a present to somebody they love.

DIY Silhouette Christmas Ornament | Buggy And Buddy
If you're looking for a project to fine-tune your child’s coloring and fine motor skills, that's a nice craft to try!

Mermaid Hair Tote | The Craft Patch
This tote is such a blast to make, and your kindergartener can carry all of their dolls or motion figures in it. This is one of my favourite Sharpie artwork crafts for kids—it’s too cute!

DIY Sharpie Bowls | A Piece Of Rainbow
Your kindergartener goes to like this Sharpie artwork project. They can get wild and decorate like crazy, and also you can use it as a bowl or planter.

Tie-Dye With Sharpie On Seashells | Color Made Happy
Even adults will love these cute tie-dye seashells. They are a lot enjoyable to make and look fabulous when they're finished. Snag some seashells here. 

9 Sharpie Art Crafts for Kids in Elementary School

Elementary kids love making crafts and utilizing their imaginations. So many of these Sharpie artwork crafts for kids can allow them artistic license to actually showcase their personalities whereas additionally having fun.

Sharpie Flower Pot Craft | DIY Candy
These stunning flower pots are perfect for elementary-aged kids. They are easy to make, and can every be personalized. Plus, they're wonderful gift ideas too.

Doodle Easter Egg | Alisa Burke
Instead of coloring eggs by dipping them in dye, this sharpie artwork craft for kids is a lot extra detailed! They can draw all sorts of enjoyable shapes and pictures on the eggs.

Design Sneakers | Just Crafty Enough
Imagine how excited your kids will be when they get to design their very personal shoes!

DIY Christmas Ornaments | 36th  Avenue
These DIY Christmas ornaments are a blast to make, and kids love them! Buy some shatterproof bulbs after which let your kids work their magic.

Shirt Dying | Genuine Mudpie
This is one of my favourite Sharpie artwork crafts for kids because they can incorporate a few of their personality into their wearable art. Plus, coloring with Sharpies is so relaxing.

Foil And Sharpie Name Drawing | Make It….A Wonderful Life
Foil, wood, and a Sharpie are all that's wanted to full this stunning stained glass name drawing. It’s such a blast to make one thing that has your name on it too, particularly for these kids (like me) who can by no means discover something with their name on it!

DIY Kids Sharpie Art On A Plate | Hello, Wonderful
How enjoyable would it be to have an entire set of plates decorated by your kids? I love this idea and they would even be wonderful to give away to teachers, friends or grandparents throughout the holidays.

DIY Pattern Photo Mats | Make And Tell
You can’t go wrong with any of these Sharpie artwork crafts for kids, however this one is particularly awesome. Grab some photo frames with mats and Sharpies and get to work!

How To Decorate A Coffee Mug | Crafts & DIY 
While your kids may not drink espresso (lol), I’m sure they love a cup of hot cocoa every as soon as in a while. :) These mugs are fantastic!

Which one of these tremendous enjoyable Sharpie artwork crafts for kids are you most excited to re-create with your little one? Whatever you do, I have no doubt it will be creative and colorful.

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