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Get Creative: 25 Super Fun Sharpie Art Crafts for Kids

Certainly! Sharpie markers are versatile tools for creating vibrant and engaging artwork. Here are 25 super fun Sharpie art crafts tailored for kids:

  1. Customized Tote Bags: Allow kids to design and decorate their tote bags using colorful Sharpies. They can draw patterns, their favorite characters, or personal designs.

  2. Rock Painting: Collect smooth rocks and let kids use Sharpies to create colorful designs or turn them into little characters like ladybugs, monsters, or animals.

  3. Personalized Mugs: Have kids decorate plain mugs with their names, favorite quotes, or drawings using oil-based Sharpies. Make sure to bake the mugs afterward to set the design.

  4. Decorative Flower Pots: Let kids jazz up plain flower pots with colorful Sharpie designs. Perfect for planting small herbs or flowers.

  5. DIY Bookmarks: Create unique bookmarks by drawing and coloring on cardstock or cardboard. Add tassels or ribbons for an extra touch.

  6. Homemade Coasters: Use ceramic tiles and have kids draw and color on them with Sharpies. Seal the design with a clear acrylic spray for durability.

  7. Colorful Shoes: Transform plain canvas shoes into vibrant, personalized footwear by allowing kids to draw and color on them with Sharpies.

  8. Stained Glass Art: Trace designs on acetate or clear plastic sheets and color them with Sharpies. Hang them near windows to create faux stained glass art.

  9. Decorated Phone Cases: Kids can design and personalize their phone cases using Sharpies on clear or light-colored cases.

  10. Paper Lanterns: Draw colorful patterns or scenes on paper lanterns with Sharpies. When illuminated, they'll create a beautiful glow.

  11. Fridge Magnets: Create custom fridge magnets by drawing on small wooden or plastic shapes with Sharpies and attaching magnets to the back.

  12. Personalized Water Bottles: Have kids decorate reusable water bottles with their names, favorite patterns, or drawings.

  13. Sharpie Tie-Dye T-shirts: Use rubbing alcohol and Sharpies to create tie-dye effects on plain white T-shirts. Kids can draw and color designs, and the alcohol creates a tie-dye effect.

  14. DIY Puzzle: Draw a picture or design on a cardboard piece, then cut it into puzzle pieces. Kids can have fun assembling their own puzzles.

  15. Canvas Art: Provide small canvases and let kids create their own mini masterpieces using Sharpies.

  16. Keychain Decorations: Draw and color on shrink plastic sheets, cut out the shapes, bake them, and attach them to keychains for personalized accessories.

  17. Greeting Cards: Have kids design and decorate greeting cards for various occasions using Sharpies and cardstock.

  18. Paper Bag Puppets: Decorate paper bags with Sharpies to create unique puppets. Kids can then put on a puppet show.

  19. DIY Galaxy Art: Create stunning galaxy-themed art by blending different colored Sharpies on paper using rubbing alcohol or blending solution.

  20. CD or Vinyl Record Art: Use old CDs or vinyl records as a canvas for kids to draw and color on with Sharpies.

  21. Photo Frame Decorating: Let kids personalize plain photo frames with colorful Sharpie designs.

  22. Wall Murals or Art Posters: Provide large paper sheets or cardboard for kids to create their own wall murals or art posters using Sharpies.

  23. Collaborative Art Projects: Create a large canvas or mural where each child contributes a part of the artwork using Sharpies.

  24. Dream Catchers: Decorate the hoops of dream catchers with intricate Sharpie designs before adding yarn and feathers.

  25. Graffiti Art: Use large sheets of paper or cardboard to allow kids to create graffiti-style art with Sharpies.

Encourage creativity and experimentation while supervising young artists to ensure safe and enjoyable crafting experiences!